Activ8 Physical Activity Monitors

Activ8 Physical Activity Monitors automatically classify your movements. See in detail when and how long you were lying, sitting, standing, walking, cycling or running. Activ8 monitors are scientifically validated and easy to work with. Both for user as well as for researchers and professionals. Missing functionality? Activ8 is a small and flexible organization that can make any modification to product, web or app to exactly match your requirements. Start working and experimenting with Activ8 today.

Living Lab Activ8

The mission of Living Lab Activ8 is to prevent the lack of movement among elderly people through the Activ8 activity tracker. By using the Activ8, elderly people will be more stimulated to move and disorders related to sedentary behavior can be prevented.


Physical inactivity is one of the most important influenceable risk factors for chronic diseases, leading to a reduced quality of life and higher mortality rate. It triggers the development of obesity, type 2 diabetes and other metabolic disorders. Physical inactivity is of influence on health and therefore an essential target for prevention. To change behaviour it is crucial to make people aware of their behaviour and to monitor possible adaptations. But how do you ‘count’ the amount of movements? And how do you stimulate an active lifestyle?

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Activ8 Physical Activity Monitor


Direct feedback for Parkinson patients to improve mobility and posture with optional remote activity logging for care providers

The UPRIGHT is a innovative care solution that assists Parkinson patients in their daily life. The UPRIGHT reduces the occurrence of freezes and standstills using cueing signals. The benefit of such cueing signals has been medically validated by the VU medical center in Amsterdam.

The UPRIGHT informs a patient when they are walking, sitting or standing in a crouched position. This is a typical problem Parkinson’s patients encounter as they themselves don’t notice the crouching. A warning signal is given to remind the patient when their posture strays from the intended posture.

Furthermore it gives health care providers an objective summary of a patient’s physical activity level or changes in their body posture. The device can be worn underneath or outside everyday clothes and is powered by rechargeable batteries.

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Skunkx shoes warm and massage your feet while providing maximum freedom of movement using built in rechargeable battery technology.

Cold feet are a serious problem for many people. Skunkx innovative footwear is our answer to get warm feet again. With the press of a button Skunkx actively warm and gently massage your feet making you feel comfortably warm and relaxed within minutes.

Skunkx use re-chargeable batteries, allowing you to walk without any restrictions. When the batteries are empty simply recharge and enjoy again. Skunkx are made of the finest quality natural materials; Suede on the outside and soft, comfortable lambs wool on the inside, guaranteeing optimal conditions for your feet.

Experience the luxurious feel of new energy and warmth flowing through your feet and legs.

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State of the art activity & energy monitoring

VitaMove is an advanced on-body monitoring platform that monitors people’s activity and other vital signs in high resolution under normal daily circumstances. VitaMove is the most accurate, calibrated solutions available in the world. Vitamove makes it possible to compare people and easily track changes over time. VitaMove can simultaneously measure and analyse data from up to 8 sensors placed on different locations on the body. Wireless technology ensures exact time synchronization between recorders within 30 microseconds. Sample rates can be set from 1 up to 256 samples per seconds depending on the speed of movements or transitions under study. VitaMove recorders can continuously record without recharge for periods up to 30days. 1 recording can span up to 30 days depending on chosen sample rate and configuration used.

Measurement data is stored on micro SD-cards present in every recorder, making VitaMove also a reliable and robust solution under the most extreme situations when for example the wireless link is temporarily disrupted. Recordings can be downloaded to any computer using the VitaMove software.

The automatic measurement classification allows fast and reliable classification in 7 main and 48 detailed posture and motion classes. The accuracy and reliability of the classification is comparable to conventional camera observation and has been used and validated by leading research groups in the field of ambulatory activity monitoring.

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